Take total control of your network infrastructure : Voice / Data / Images / Security

Simplify, speed up and make perfectly reliable patch captures: a fail-proof method developed by ADN.

On the occasion of a mission for Thales company, ADN developed a semi-automatic patch and equipment recording system.
Another client who tested the system across his site during several months, has confirmed its efficiency.

Manual entry of some of the data can generate errors (particularly cross connecting entries, the most dynamic part of the cable network).
To ensure the complete accuracy of the cross connecting data, ADN provides a barcodes-based referencing system that guides and controls Excel data entry.
Registering of cross-connecting patches is carried out in 2 steps:

  1. Placement of barcode labels on active equipment, passive equipment and patch cords.
  2. Semi-automated scan of barcode labels: a module developped by ADN simultaneously provides a formatted file for R3Web data import.

Note: As the cables and equipment are already registered by barcodes, it is not necessary to re-check the references to the equipment and patches in the technical rooms.

The system can be used within several contexts:

  • Initial registering of a site.
  • Updating of a set of technical rooms.
  • Integration of a set of new technical rooms from paper documents or computer files.