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Installing R3Web at the French Development Agency (AFD): an example of efficiency !

Installing R3Web at the French Development Agency (AFD): an example of efficiency !

A financial institution, the AFD (French Development Agency), is at the centre of the French government’s aid development policies in support of Developing Countries.

At the end of 2009, AFD explained to us their intention to manage the Ethernet network at their head office located in Paris: 5 eight storey-buildings comprising 26 technical rooms and more than 4000 terminals.

Immediately, AFD were able to test the application on line.

Satisfied with the performance of R3Web, AFD placed an order.

A few days later, we visited the AFD site, installed R3Web and conducted a structural analysis : integration scope, naming standards, accessible information inventory (including Access Table with a detailed list of unused/used ports), and a list of additional reports on site.

A working model was developed and presented to AFD.Consequently AFD agreed that we would perform the following tasks:

  • carry out on-site reports on principal optical fibre and copper cables networks
  • study specific cases of secondary networks
  • correct any data incoherences
  • synchronize the Access Table contents
  • collect all information in order to build graphic views of differents levels (floors) and technical rooms.

All the data was then added by ADN to the R3Web base by means of the R3Web Excel import module. Finally this installation was followed by a training session organized for the future R3Web users at the AFD.

The whole process took only seven weeks, including the initial study.