Take total control of your network infrastructure : Voice / Data / Images / Security

  • Opt for professional cable management

    Opt for professional cable management

Opting for professional cable management

Free testing

Before any commitment we provide a remote web demonstration of the software.
The future users can test the application in a personalized space taking their time to check its suitability and reliability.

Quick deployment implementation

  • Software and data base installation.
  • Initial report: integration scope, available information search, model.
  • On site survey if necessary.
  • Bulk integration of various data (from Excel files).
  • Regular access to telecom and IT network monitoring information.
  • Training for administration and use of the various features of the application.

ADN provides a complete or partial deployment service. Services can be chosen : if desired, the client can choose only project management assistance : survey and supervision of a team, on-site reports and/or data integration..

Easy data base exploitation

From any work station, different users can make queries, get information and update their data at any time.

A clear overview of the network infrastructure allows them to develop a detailed plan of their operations.

Example operations :

  • Obtaining a global synoptic of a network
  • Displaying a circuit route from any network location.
  • Visualizing floor plans showing the location of every used/unused outlet.
  • Launching an automatic search for appropriate cross-connecting when creating a new circuit
  • Launching an automatic search to optimize a new routing path for an existing circuit
  • Generating a work ticket.

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