Take total control of your network infrastructure : Voice / Data / Images / Security

  • Different contexts in which R3Web can be used : configuration of a new network, pre-cabling of new buildings, changes to existing networks ...

  • R3Web manages network infrastructures of conventional telephony or IP telephony, video surveillance, CTM, alarms, fire detection systems, intercom ...

  • R3Web manages different networks configurations : buildings, data centers, MANs, WANs ...

  • R3Web manages small structures as effectively as very large ones coming from various fields : Energy, transports, health, research, armaments ...

Low current network management software

Low current network management software


Easy to Consult : A technician, new to the site, is autonomous to intervene after only two hours of training

Security : History, access controlled geographically and / or by types of networks

Comprehensive Views :  sites, buildings, floors, rooms, equipment rooms, racks, farms, active and passive equipment, copper and optical cables, cable trays, cable testing, patch cords, terminals, terminal stations with their users, servers, networks, VLAN

Active links : to external files (web page, CAD, Excel, Word, ...) or to a technical database

Global Overview : Synoptic views of the network, detailed view of circuit pathways

Site surveys made easier : methodology and utilities

Fast initialization of the software : volume import from Excel, use of standard graphic files (JPG, PNG, Autocad, ...), simple data structure

Quick and easy to update day-to-day : intuitive graphical interface, database updated via data produced from standard computer and telephone supervision networks

Work orders : job scheduling, planning and simulation of the future state of the network

Quick start with reliable information

ADN provides a complete or partial deployment service :

  • management assistance
  • survey and supervision of a team
  • on-site reports
  • data integration

Long term use

  • Annual subscription for technical support (advice for use, trouble-shooting) and for R3Web licence upgrade
  • Facility management: study and occasional integration in case of significant evolution : network extensions, new buildings, new sites, …
  • Possibility of regular updates of all R3Web data

Example of quick starting:

Example of quick starting:

R3Web at the French Development Agency

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