Take total control of
your network infrastructure
Voice / Data / Image / Security

Our R3Web software allows you to map the infrastructure of your
low-voltage networks. It is suitable for multi-site management
of building and data center cabling.



One tool for all networks

. Building and data center management

. Low current networks: Voice/Data/Image/Security (and high current)

. Copper and optical cabling (LAN, MAN, WAN)

Mapping of passive and active elements of the network

. Bays and technical premises as well as their active and passive equipment (with their availability)

. Network endpoints (occupied and available sockets, end stations, servers, cameras, sensors, etc.)

. Copper and fibre optic cables (diagrams, cable routes, etc.)

Decision support for network failures and upgrades

. Plans tasks (detailed work orders)

. Proposes new patching paths between 2 ends (creation and modification)

. Simulates the future state of the network

Details the cabling routes between the network elements

. Paths between active equipment

. Paths between the active equipment and the network ends

. The paths are reliable, because they are synchronised with the network supervision




R3Web manages cables more accurately

R3Web manages cables more accurately

Major progress on the development of R3Web software in 2022. At the request of many users, R3web enables the precise management of cable routes inside and outside buildings.

Deploying R3Web at the DGA

Deploying R3Web at the DGA

ADN France is proud to continue its collaboration with the French Armament Directorate (DGA). Indeed, the DGA has decided to equip all its sites and secure its infrastructure with R3Web software. The software enables it to plan cabling operations and make reservations. The DGA thus benefits from a well updated mapping of its low current networks.

A new interface

A new interface

2021: ADN launches a brand new ergonomic and modern interface. More intuitive, it allows any user (novice or expert) to quickly access to wiring information. Through a standard HTML5 interface, from a browser, it is possible to manage the data in multi-user mode. In a mobile situation, in front of his bay, the technician uses an android or apple tablet to consult and update his data.

ADN establishes itself in the United Arab Emirates

ADN establishes itself in the United Arab Emirates

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates have decided to reinforce the digital economy. The Emirates are developing a very dynamic economy. For these reasons ADN has decided to launch a technical-commercial team based in Abu Dhabi. The Occitanie regional council partipates in the financing of ADN’s export development.



More than 1000 sites operated in France and around the world.


Denis Wilpote
EDF Channel North Sea Project Manager – Telecommunications Engineering Team


was motivated, among other things, by the fact that “we wanted to get our hands on the integration to have a responsive system that could evolve quickly”.


“by simply indentifying the two ends of the link, the complete path is automatically generated by the software”.


“We were looking for a system that manage a complex and extensive (nuclear site) wired architecture (CU and FO)”.