Take total control of
your network infrastructure
Voice / Data / Image / Security

Our R3Web software allows you to map the infrastructure of your
low-voltage networks. It is suitable for multi-site management
of building and data center cabling.



Accessible on PC / tablet / smartphone

Multi-user consultation and updating on the intranet, through a standard browser. On PC and tablet, access for consultation and updating. On smartphone, consultation use.

Global vision

Cabling diagrams (variable according to the type of network).
Cable routing on plans (cable trays inside buildings and details of the VRD).
Cable trays for each circuit, with details of the network elements.

Detailed view

Sites, buildings, levels, rooms, technical rooms, bays, trusses, active and passive equipment, copper and optical cables, cable trays, cable tests, drawing chamber, sleeve, patch cord, panels, sockets, end stations with their users, servers, networks, VLANs, ...

Exclusive method of
optimised on-site surveys

Discover our survey process, with fast and reliable data capture: barcode labels are affixed to passive and active equipment, as well as to each end of the patch cords (optical fibre or RJ45).


  • Georeferenced site plan, with very precise cable routing

  • For a site: scalable cabling synoptic

  • A floor plan

  • A zoomed-in floor plan: the available RJ45 sockets are highlighted

  • Circuit paths between a switch port and a terminal socket

  • A distribution switch: connectors disconnected are highlighted

  • A backbone switch

  • Operational framework: a very intuitive interface for updating patch cords

  • Rack view

  • Precise tracking of work orders


Eliminate hidden costs

. Laborious on-site studies when setting up new cabling

. No identification of released links (cords)

. Unallocated cabling resources

. Unnecessary cable pulling

. Errors and wasted time: information not shared

. Unidentified problems requiring engineer intervention (high hourly cost)

. Time wasted when documentation does not match the field

. Need to involve several teams

Save time on a daily basis

. For the experienced technician, time saving during on-site interventions

. For the new technician on site, immediate autonomy to operate anywhere

. For the network architect, to quickly upgrade the infrastructure:

. Where are the cable ends located?

. What availability for passive parts of the network?

Better quality of service
Meet SLA requirements

. Guarantee of compliance with deadlines and volumes

. Analysis and optimisation of projects

. Calculation of time spent on work

. Production of invoicing elements



Make your project a success

ADN can assist you at all stages of the project: assistance to the project supervisor, studies, on-site surveys, data integration, facilities management, training, software updates, software technical support...

Technical assistance

Initial study

Trainings courses

Facilities management

Regular updates

Data integration