Take total control of
your network infrastructure
Voice / Data / Image / Security

Our software R3Web manages the cabling infrastructure of your low
current networks, enabling you to manage buildings,
data centers or a group of sites.



Test without risk

Before any commitment, a remote demonstration of the application is carried out. The future user then takes the time to test it on a personalised space: he checks that the software meets his needs and ensures the quality of the product.

Get started quickly

. Installation of the software and the database.

. Initial study: scope of integration, available information, model.

. Additional on-site surveys (if required).

. Volume integration of the various data into the cabling application (from Excel files in a format taken from an export of the project).

. Setting up automatic updates: access to information from the computer and telephone network supervision.

. Training in the use of the software and its administration.

ADN provides all or part of the starting services. They can be limited to assistance to the project owner: study and supervision of a team in charge of the surveys and/or data integration.

Operating easily

Users can query, consult and update data on a daily basis from any Intranet workstation.

A clear view of their network infrastructure allows them to plan their work in detail.

Examples of possible operations:

. Consult a global network synoptic.

. Display a circuit path from any point in the network.

. View a floor plan showing the positions of free and occupied sockets.

. Automatically search for required cross-connections on a new circuit.

. Automatically search for patching changes required to change the outgoing or incoming wire of an existing circuit.

. Get a worksheet.